Westminster Water Trough
Westminster Water Trough

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Westminster, VT

Westminster Town Hall
Westminster Town Hall

Dangerous Virus Alert - Cryptowall

NEMRC has noticed an increase of the Cryptowall virus on clients' computers. This threat normally comes from trojan infection and is a file-encrypting ransomware. Malicious files downloaded from unsafe network-sharing application can lead to a Cryptowall infection. Beware of clicking links from suspicious email messages and messenger program as it may also cause the malware to invade your PC.
If you think you may be infected it is important you contact your IT administrator to resolve the problem.

Web Data: Your data online

NEMRC offers a Web Data service where you can now put any of your NEMRC and MSOL data on line using NEMRC's web search tool. Clients have full control over data that may be searched or viewed down to a single field. More Info

Video Library

NEMRC is now offering recorded webinars that you may access through our website. You will be asked to create an account so that you may login and select the video you would like to view.
Get started here: Video Library

Become a featured town!

If you would like your town to be featured on nemrc.com please send two or more pictures of your town along with a link to your town website and your full name to adam@nemrc.com.