NEMRC Cloud Services

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NEMRC Cloud Services

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NEMRC Cloud Services is a new offering to NEMRC clients. NEMRC will host and maintain a server environment for all NEMRC applications. This system is accessed over broadband internet connection and is optimized to run NEMRC applications faster than most new on premises server setups.


  • Accessible from any authorized location
  • High security
  • No need for local server hardware
  • Compatible with any local printer including cash receipt printers
  • Compatible with all NEMRC software
  • Use from multiple locations
  • Connect from anywhere in the USA
  • Accessible over any stable internet connection
  • Encrypted connection
  • High flexibility
  • Compatible with NEMRC DRA
  • Multiple failover systems located in the USA
  • Hosted with Amazon Web Services
  • Remote assistance from support
  • Two-Factor Authentication


NEMRC Cloud Services require a stable, persistent internet connection with a download speed of at least 5Mb/s and upload speed of at least 1Mb/s. This will increase along with the number of active users.

A business class internet connection is recommended.

Client computers must be able to run a windows remote app or a HTML 5 compatible web browser.


The current cost is $10 per user per month. The user count is updated either quarterly or annually depending on the size of your organization. A user is defined as any individual who you would give the cloud username and password to.

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