NEMRC Profile

The New England Municipal Resource Center's, Ltd. (NEMRC) goal is to provide technological and management resources to municipalities, schools and non-profits. NEMRC's portfolio of products and services include:

  • Municipal Software
  • Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) Software
  • Reappraisal Services
  • School Management Software
  • Skill Development Classes and Seminars
  • One on One Training
  • Consulting
  • Support

All of NEMRC's programs are written using FoxPro data structures and are compiled using FoxPro. FoxPro offers the user a flexible, open design that allows your system to expand and grow as your needs change. FoxPro provides the processing speed demanded by users today. All programs are menu driven and are fully documented. In addition, the Fund Reporting System is written in association with SBT's Database Accounting Software Library. But, software is only one way NEMRC can help a busy office keep up with their growing work load.

Skill Development Classes and Seminars provide users with hands-on computer experience. These classes range from the one day classes to 10 week courses. NEMRC's goal with these classes and seminars is to move people up computer learning curve by broadening their knowledge and helping them to better utilize computers and software in their day-to-day office management.

NEMRC understands that classroom training is not always the best way to teach; therefore, we offer one-on-one instruction. This way you can pick the topic, the duration, and the time for the training. We will come to your office and provide you with personal hands-on instruction. Our specialties are FoxPro and our own programs.

We also provide consultation services to organizations concerning computer use, installation, and implementation. With all the different options today, it is good to know you can go to a Resource Center that can evaluate your needs and suggest the proper solutions to those needs.

NEMRC is best known for its high level of client support. A busy office that faces continuous change, and possibly frequent turnover of personnel, must have a reliable support team to call upon and one that understands their specific needs.

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