Web Data: Your data online

NEMRC offers a Web Data service where you can now put any of your NEMRC and MSOL data on line using NEMRC's web search tool.
Clients have full control over data that may be searched or viewed down to a single field.

Full control of your data on line

  • Select what NEMRC programs you want available on the internet. Including MSOL CAMA data.
  • Select how often your data is updated
  • Select what fields are available
  • Select which fields can be searched by the end users
  • View who is accessing the data

End Users

  • Search data
  • Print reports / Export data
  • Can only view data that you selected to be available on line
  • View any town that is enrolled for on line searches.

View the tutorial as: PDF or Word Document
View this service at: www.nemrc.info

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